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Our mission is simple and direct - to make all needle infusion treatments
comfortable, skin friendly and less stressful for each patient.

We have observed firsthand the trauma that the hemodialysis patient endures. The most uncomfortable part of the treatment is hooking up to the machine. First the needles are inserted into the fistula. Then, covering the needles and circling around the underarm, adhesive TAPE is applied to secure the needles. Not only is the entire process uncomfortable, the after treatment removal of the adhesive TAPE is painful causing the skin to become thin which, in turn, causes tears and bruising over multiple treatments.

As we have observed with hemodialysis treatments, the most common needle infusion body locations (elbow, wrist and hand) create the same discomfort and can cause additional skin maladies when adhesive TAPE is applied to secure the infusion needle. Through the use of the NeedleNurse® needle fixation devices, the adhesive TAPE induced skin trauma that leads to infection is greatly reduced if not eliminated. The nephrologists, nurses and clinicians find it much easier to control infusions as access to the inserted needles is fast and unencumbered.

The hemodialysis patients who have experienced our NeedleNurse® products report that the NeedleNurse® brings a heretofore unattainable level of comfort to their treatment, which reduces the stress inherently associated with needle infusion treatments treatment.

We have taken what we learned with the arm and leg (hemodialysis) needle fixation device and developed products that provide the same attributes for the elbow, wrist and hand applications. The complete NeedleNurse® product line is something we are proud of. Please view all of our products under the Products tab. We welcome your comments.

The NeedleNurse inc. Team

Founder’s Note

After her transplant, our lives took another turn. Cassie became a full time job with the regimen of administering her medications and the sudden illnesses that became part our new life. Nonetheless I was grateful to have her, as she reminded me that each day is a new day. As our lives and routine settled, Cassie’s dialysis nurse, Bob, asked me to use my seamstress background to help him design a more comfortable method to secure the dialysis needles and, thereby, lessen the dialysis treatment trauma to the patient.  The NeedleNurse® Arm and Leg (Hemodialysis) device was born.

From this beginning, the NeedleNurse® products have been perfected to a group of products that the patients, who have experienced its simplicity and comfort, demand the NeedleNurse® Arm and leg (Hemodialysis) device for each of their dialysis treatments.  Our NeedleNurse® devices simply make the infusion treatments less stressful.

It is said that from every bad thing comes a good thing. The NeedleNurse® product line is the good thing that came from Cassie’s illness.  Treat your infusion patents to more comfort and less stress with our NeedleNurse® devices.

Love, Shirley Rose, designer and founder

As printed in Bella Magazine, May 2010

The NeedleNurse Team:

President: Casey L. Gunnell,

Chief Financial Officer: Randy Rose,

Vice President Sales and Marketing: Shirley Rose,

Clinic Training nurse: Bob Terrien,

Medical Director: Dr. Mark Russo,

Patent No. US 7,621,896