What is NeedleNurse®?

NeedleNurse® is a family of Class 1 tapeless medical devices for intravenous needle fixation designed to secure needles inserted at the common points on the human body – elbow, arm and leg (hemodialysis), wrist and hand. The patented NeedleNurse® devices secure needles inserted intravenously without the use of Adhevive TAPE. Each device is constructed of non-allergenic material using hook and loop straps attached to a saddle to secure the inserted needle (s); each device is individually sterile packaged for one time use; and, all used devices are disposable in the facilities’ medical hazardous waste container. 

The Arm and Leg (hemodialysis)
Needle Fixation Device in use

Why NeedleNurse®?

TAPE IS ELIMINATED! The sterile non-allergenic device material is the only material that comes in contact with the skin. Unlike the age old procedure that requires the use of tape to hold an intravenous needle in place, the NeedleNurse® devices need no Adhevive TAPE in their use. There is no irritation to the skin and multiple device use on a patient will not cause skin irritation, tearing or abrasions. NeedleNurse® is benign to skin.  Plus patient comfort is unequaled with the NeedleNurse® devices.

Needle Fixation Devices

Arm & Leg

Top of hand

Patent No. US 7,621,896